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Black SkirtBlack Skirt - A lovely black skirt should be in every women's wardrobe. But in case you don't have one, we're here to hopefully help find you one. Whether it's a long black skirt, or a girls black short skirt, we'll try and help.

Lace and Lingerie and Kates Clothing are two great places to find your ideal tight skirt, they offer a wide range off different style of skirt to suit every ones needs.

Check out a range of PVC and leather skirts. If you like your skirts tight, then we have picked out some short and long tight black skirts to try and cover a range of tastes.

All prices and information on this page are correct on the date of November 17th 2006.

Patent skirt
Patent Skirt

Item #:
The black PVC skirt pictured above comes from Lace and Lingerie. Featuring a lace up side this tight black skirt comes in four different sizes; S, M, L and XL in the color black from only $34.

Tight skirt
Tight Skirt

Item #:
Back zipper opening from Lace and Lingerie come in four sizes S, M, L and XL for $29. Lace and Lingerie only deliver to the US and Canada.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Lace and Lingerie - Tight black skirts, PVC skirts and dresses, sexy PVC skirts, ship to US & Canada, leather tops, skirts, teddies and more. www.laceandlingerie.com

Kates Clothing - Goth, gothic, punk & alternative skirts, tight black skirts, long, fishtail, mid-length & mini skirts, please create an account to see if they deliver to you country. www.katesclothing.co.uk

Garter skirt (Click to enlarge)
Garter Skirt

Item #:

This patent ribbon laced garter skirt is only $37 and comes in four sizes S, M, L and XL. The tight black skirt has a lace up back, detachable garters and come in the following colors; black/red, black/hot pink from Lace and Lingerie.

Leather mini skirt (Click to enlarge)
Leather Mini Skirt

Item #:

This sexy leather mini skirt is $80.00 and has side zipper openings and is named a "break-away" skirt. You can buy this tight black skirt in S, M, L and XL from Lace and Lingerie.

Fishtail skirt
Fishtail Skirt

Special Offer:- 24.99

Kate's Clothings long satin & net fishtail skirt with satin ribbon lace up sides. The skirt is made up of satin and saucy see-through stretch netting panels and has a short train which can be tied up at the back. Wear with thick black tights for a more modest look.

Death kitty mini skirt (Click to enlarge)
Death Kitty Mini Skirt

Size is approx 13" in length

Death Kitty black mini skirt with red contrast stitching, detachable straps with one red side and one black side and D-rings. Adjustable zip pleats, belt loops, detachable Death Kitty patch and hidden rear zip from Kate's Clothing.

Sadly this skirt is no longer found on their site.

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